WeightPack provides high-speed, precise net weight filling and capping solutions for liquid and powder products. Reduce waste, while increasing accuracy and precision, with our net weight filling technology.  Ensure each bottle contains the exact amount of product required while increasing yields and minimizing giveaway in overfilled containers!  Real-time net weight product dosing with recorded statistics for every container filled in a production run. Each weigh station checks empty container weights, provides auto-correction of the filling weight, and zeros the load cell on each filler rotation to guarantee an accurate fill.

WeightPack’s net weight fillers are known for their accuracy and reliability.  Businesses save time and money while achieving accurate results. With a standard deviation < 1g and a drift within half of gram, fillers ensure that products are filled to the exact content specified in the package label. Consumers get what they pay for and businesses do not incur losses due to incorrect product weights. If you’re looking to improve your production and optimize your process, then WeightPack has a solution for you.

WeightPack provides a range of solutions suitable for almost all product viscosities, from spirits to peanut butter.  Serving multiple industries including food, automotive, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.  Innovative design provides solutions for powders, detergents, lotions, gels and multiple food products including milk, edible oils, sauces, jams and juices.  Fillers designed to customer’s individual needs for food grade, hot fill, aseptic, explosion proof, corrosion resistance and many other applications.  Solutions for a variety of closures including press on caps, screw caps, lids, pump dosers, and spray triggers.  Efficient product flow designs ensure simple and reliable CIP/SIP procedures will have customers on the next campaign with minimal downtime.  Whether you’re looking to fill a small or large batch of products quickly and accurately – WeightPack’s net weight filling machinery is the key. Machines are easy to operate, making them ideal for businesses that need a reliable and efficient filler.

Built on the foundation of the best of Italian design and engineering in the production facility in Goito (Mantua) Italy, WeightPack operates offices in the US and in China.  WeightPack, Inc. (in Powhatan) and WeightPack Machinery Co., Ltd. (in Beijing) serve customers all around the world with a well-stocked spare parts store, dedicated service technicians, reliability maintenance programs, and in-house fabrication for container and cap change parts, as well as emergency parts manufacturing.

For further information, please contact us at info@weightpack.com, by phone at +39 0376 689 255 or stop by Stand F35 at PROPAK CAPE in Cape Town, from October 24th through October 26th!