To help snacks companies maximise opportunities in a fast-growing market, the Ishida Atlas iTPS™ (Integrated Total Packaging System) provides the fastest and most accurate snack food packing system available in Africa. The space-saving Ishida multihead weigher and bagmaker combination is capable of packing speeds of 160 bags per minute for extruded snacks and 120 bags per minute for potato chips while achieving maximum packing line efficiency and minimum product and film waste.

In addition, the proven iTPS™ software facilitates full integration with other Ishida equipment, such as seal testers and checkweighers, to offer a high-speed solution for leak detection, fill level monitoring and pack weight control.

The 14-head CHW entry-level multihead weigher is ideal for businesses who are looking to expand their production capacity and harness the benefits of automation. It can handle dry, free flowing products such as snacks, confectionery, cereals, biscuits and pasta, at speeds of up to 90 packs per minute.

The 6-head Fresh Food Weigher on show has been designed to handle very sticky fresh and bruise-sensitive products with maximum speed and efficiency while also being ideal for factories with height limitations.

The 14-head Screw Feeder Weigher with 3 litre hoppers allows the fast, fully automated weighing of meat, poultry, fish and seafood which cannot be moved by feeder vibration. Unique rotating corkscrews replace the traditionally used radial feed troughs to provide a consistent flow of product to the weigh hoppers.

For granular products such as sugar and powdered milks, the Ishida Cut-Gate weigher incorporates a servomotor-powered gate that delivers a gentle but precise opening and closing profile to offer accuracy levels typically to within 4g for 1kg target weights. The gentle handling operation preserves particle size and structure, and a special enclosure minimises dust emissions.

The Ishida IX-EN-4093-S X-ray inspection system on the stand offers manufactures an affordable but highly accurate entry-level solution, delivering unrivalled foreign body detection and quality control. The machine can spot a large variety of contaminants such as aluminium, tin, glass, stone, hard rubber, dense plastic, Teflon, PVC, bones and shells at high inspection speeds. The IX-EN range incorporate the company’s advanced Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology that enables operators to optimise individual models for greater sensitivity to specific foreign bodies. As well as foreign bodies, the IX-EN-4093-S can also identify damaged and missing products or components.

From its entry level checkweigher range, Ishida will show its DACS-GN-SE which incorporates an Ishida designed, exceptionally fast and accurate digital loadcell that can operate with great reliability, even in challenging environments.

Ishida RSA’s dedicated office in Spartan, Johannesburg, features a large demonstration area that enables customers to carry out demos and trials on their products prior to purchase. The company’s comprehensive after-sales support includes a large spares stockholding and local service engineers to ensure a fast response to customer requests.