Nordic Paper and Packaging (Pty) ltd – NPP, the agent for UPM, Walki, Loparex and in partnership with many others for Sub Saharan Africa, has long-standing success in communication papers. NPP’s focus is to offer solutions from the forest. This means being a frontrunner in sustainability, technical performance. Our partners are pioneers in their respective fields offering wide range of solutions for flexible and rigid packaging and for printing industry.

NPP in partnership with UPM Specialty Papers proudly introducing solutions for flexible packaging industry: Solide Lucent, Asendo and Confidio. Solide Lucent offers great value for base-paper applications having very smooth surface with technically high performance. Asendo (C1S) and Asendo Pro (C2S) represent the medium barrier papers with excellent printability. UPM’s Confidio (C1S) and Confidio Pro (C2S) are heat-sealable, no-poly medium barrier papers. All the papers are designed to be run in existing packaging lines.

For brand owners these solutions offer value that ticks all the boxes in the mission to be 100% recyclable, bio-based, technically high performing, and great looking end-result. For printing and converting industry they offer convenience as the papers can run on existing machines. This makes the shift to more sustainable packaging easier. The solutions are also enabling opportunities in the sectors where replacing fossil-based materials is not easy, but UPM has done it.

NPP in partnership with Walki is introducing range of solutions for medium barrier flexible packaging applications, Evo Seal and Opti Seal. Evo Seal offers no-poly, heat sealable solutions for food and non-food applications. Opti Seal is a solution which combines high technical performance with flexibility around recyclability. With Opti Seal solutions, brand owners can choose the spec based on what fibre content and barrier are required. Walki is the pioneer in custom-made specifications and the core of their operations is to offer value where it counts. With Walki, brand owners don’t need to compromise but have peace of mind.

Solutions from the forest also cover various other innovations. NPP in partnership with many revolutionary companies like Dolea, Jospak and Paptic as well as Woodly introduce solutions for various demanding end-use areas.

Dolea, the first in the world to invent and introduce paper-based and glue free straws with high technical performance and safety creating comfortable user experience and great brand value in sustainability.

Paptic has re-invented paper. Paptic offers a paper-solutions for packaging where normal paper fails but brand owners want to shift away from plastics.

Jospak has focus on food trays offering solutions which combines great brand value aspects such as recyclability, technical performance, great print possibilities and high sustainability factors.

Woodly has re-invented plastics and is a cellulose-based plastic that behaves the same as fossil-based plastics and can be processed and recycled using the same machines and infrastructure. This allows brand owners to shift their plastic-based packaging towards bio-based packaging without the need for greater investments.

We look forward to seeing you at Propak Cape 2023.