CAPE TOWN, August 25, 2023 — Plastrading, a pioneering name in the packaging industry, is thrilled to announce our participation in PROPAK CAPE 2023, a prestigious Innovative Packaging Solutions Trade Expo set to take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from October 24th to 26th, 2023. The event will run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

PROPAK CAPE 2023 serves as a dynamic platform where industry suppliers come together to showcase thousands of new products and breakthrough technologies across six interconnected sectors: packaging, plastics, printing for packaging, labelling, food processing, and wine & olive oil production. Plastrading’s presence at the event promises to be a highlight, as we continue our tradition of innovation and excellence.

Our partnerships with HEUFT and KIEFEL bring significant value to the Exhibition and the South African packaging industry as a whole. These collaborations contribute to innovation, efficiency, and improved capabilities in packaging solutions.

  1. Partnership with HEUFT: HEUFT is a global technology leader in quality, safety, and efficiency for the packaging industry. As a packaging brand, HEUFT is known for its cutting-edge technological solutions that enhance various aspects of packaging processes. Through our partnership with HEUFT, we will bring the following benefits to the Exhibition and the South African packaging industry:
    • Innovative Technology Showcase: Plastrading will be showcasing HEUFT’s innovative packaging technology at the exhibition. This technology is designed to improve the quality and safety of packaging processes, ensuring that products are packaged accurately and securely.
    • Quality and Efficiency: HEUFT’s solutions are designed to enhance quality control and production efficiency in the packaging industry. Our partnership with HEUFT enables to offer these benefits to clients, leading to higher-quality packaging and optimised production processes.
    • Safety and Compliance: HEUFT’s technology often includes advanced safety features that ensure packaging processes adhere to industry regulations and standards. Plastrading can provide solutions that prioritise safety and compliance within the packaging industry.
    • Industry Advancement: By introducing HEUFT’s advanced packaging technology to the South African market, Plastrading contributes to the overall advancement of the packaging industry in the region. This partnership fosters the adoption of innovative solutions that improve packaging quality and efficiency.
  2. Partnership with KIEFEL: KIEFEL is another significant partner of Plastrading, contributing to the advancement of the South African packaging industry. KIEFEL is recognised as a leading packaging brand with a focus on delivering high-quality packaging solutions. Through its partnership with KIEFEL, Plastrading offers the following benefits:
    • Diverse Packaging Solutions: KIEFEL’s expertise covers a wide range of packaging solutions. Plastrading can introduce diverse packaging options to the South African market, catering to different industries’ needs within the packaging sector.
    • Innovative Design and Functionality: KIEFEL is known for its innovative approach to packaging design. Our partnership with KIEFEL allows us to present packaging solutions that are not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing and aligned with modern design trends.
    • Enhanced Consumer Experience: KIEFEL’s packaging solutions often focus on improving the overall consumer experience. Plastrading can bring packaging options that enhance convenience, usability, and engagement for consumers.
    • Sustainable Practices: KIEFEL’s commitment to sustainability in packaging aligns with global trends towards eco-friendly solutions. Our partnership with KIEFEL enables us to offer packaging solutions that address environmental concerns as well as promote sustainable practices.
    • By showcasing HEUFT’s and KIEFEL’s technologies as packaging brands, Plastrading contributes to the growth and innovation of the South African packaging industry. These partnerships bring forth advanced, efficient, and high-quality packaging solutions that cater to various industries and client needs.

Join Us at Stand A54

All interested parties are cordially invited to visit Plastrading’s stand at PROPAK CAPE 2023, located at Stand A54. Engage in insightful conversations with our approachable team members, who are eager to discuss how our innovative solutions can transform your business. Whether you are a prospective client seeking innovation or a loyal customer keen on exploring new advancements, Plastrading’s stand promises to be a hub of knowledge, collaboration, and opportunity.

To secure your free tickets for PROPAK CAPE 2023, register today at TixSa and be a part of this dynamic exposition of packaging ingenuity.